Surrender a Pet

Guidelines to Surrendering a Pet

surrender puppies for adoption at Buddy Dog Humaine Society, Sudbury, MAGiving up a pet can be a difficult decision and then there are times when it is not a decision at all but something that must be done. There are times when it may be the only reasonable option for the well-being of the pet. Often there are practical solutions to many of the issues pet owners face. The experienced staff at Buddy Dog will assist you in any way we can. We can offer guidance and referrals to trainers, behaviorist and other professionals that might be able to help you with your “pet problems”. For those who make the difficult decision of surrendering their pet, Buddy Dog is glad to be able to offer our services. We are pleased to be able to give individuals, forced to relinquish their pet, peace of mind when they must find a new home for their pet and we are happy to be able to offer a place of refuge for the pets.

Put kittens up for adoption at Buddy Dog Humane SocietyBuddy Dog Humane Society accepts dogs and cats, in good health and of friendly disposition. Our adoption counselors will schedule an appointment to interview the pet owner and complete a temperament evaluation on the pet. If in our opinion, the pet is adoptable, the pet will be accepted and will remain with us until it is adopted by a new family.

At this time a written “profile” will be completed so we can address the specific needs of the pet and inform potential adopters of the pet’s history, likes and dislikes, and other pertinent information. The average stay at Buddy Dog is only two weeks before a new family is found.

Buddy Dog Humane Society accepts many dogs from animal control officers and other animal welfare organizations at no charge. In order to afford to house these animals and provide medical care for all our “guests”, we must ask a fee for animals that come to us through private homes. The surrender fees are as follows:

$150.00 for adult dogs

$10.00 for puppies under 4 months

$50.00 for adult cats

$10.00 for kittens under 12 weeks