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Thank you for helping Zima!

Update: Zima has been adopted, and is finally part of a loving family in a home to call her own! Thank you to all who cheered for Zima, and your generous support.  

Zima came to Buddy Dog to find a new home when her owner was no longer able to care for her. Zima is a very sweet girl and won our hearts immediately. She even has a trick routine that includes "high five"! We noticed shortly after her arrival that Zima was having some difficulty urinating which appeared to be a UTI. She was started on antibiotics but within a day she appeared very uncomfortable. Concerned that she might have bladder stones, we had an x-ray done which showed an enlarged bladder. We took her immediately to Blue Pearl Emergency Care. Little Zima has been in the hospital receiving wonderful round the clock care for over two weeks. Her veterinary expenses are over $6000 for hospitalization, tests, and treatment.

Zima's care is just one example of extraordinary veterinary care that is provided to pets when necessary. If you are interested in helping us provide extraordinary care for extraordinary animals like her, consider donating to our Fiona Care Fund.

Thank you!

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