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2 year old female. Pit bull terrier mix. 65 pounds.



2 year old male. Pit bull terrier mix. 54 pounds.



7 month old male. Terrier mix. 37 pounds.



2 year old female. Pit bull terrier mix. 43 pounds.



4 year old female. Unknown breed mix. Around 60 pounds.

Remi & Ruger

Remi & Ruger

3 year old female & male. Basset Hound & Bully mix. 57 and 59 pounds.



1 year old male. Unknown bully breed mix. 58 pounds.


Key Notes:​

  • 2-year old spayed female.

  • Pit bull terrier mix.

  • 65 pounds and a healthy weight.

  • Brought to animal control when found as a local stray.

  • Cannot live in apartments, multi-family homes, or busy cities.

  • Needs a quiet neighborhood without many dogs around.

  • Good with dog-savvy kids 15 and up.

  • Needs to be an only pet.

  • No more than 6 hours alone a day; up to 8 hours once she is potty trained and settled in.

  • Experience with dogs recommended.

  • Medium energy; enjoys playing with toys, walks, and running.

  • Prefers a fully fenced yard to run and play in; should not be let into an unfenced yard without restraint (tether runner, long leash, etc.).

  • Almost housebroken; will need some extra help.

  • Can pull strongly on a leash; does well on a no-pull harness. Typically walks well if there are no animals around.

  • Shy at first; warms up quickly and is very cuddly and playful.

  • Behavioral training for dogs reactive to other dogs recommended.


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Jade is a Diamond in the Ruff! Interested adopters should visit her page to view her story, adopter requirements, and more photos and videos!

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Brutus3 (1)
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Brutus1 (1)

Get to know Brutus!

Brutus is a lovable and gorgeous young man from Texas! Playtime and snuggle time are both important to him. He loves every human he meets and will always invite you for a game of tug! He likes playtime with other dogs, but prefers to be an only pet so he doesn't need to share toys or love! He needs room for him to do be beloved zoomies, so no small homes or apartment buildings. He's very motivated by treats, toys, and attention and already knows "sit." He is most likely housebroken and still working on his leash manners, but does well on a no-pull harness. He dreams of being surrounded by toys of all kinds. He prefers playtime with his family, but is happy to entertain himself if they are busy. His silly and lovable antics will be sure to keep his family entertained as well!

Key Notes:​

  • 2-year old neutered male.

  • Pit bull terrier mix.

  • 54 pounds.

  • Found as stray in Texas.

  • Good with sturdy kids 10 and up.

  • Prefers to be an only pet but enjoys playtime with sturdy and tolerant dogs

  • Cannot live with cats.

  • No small homes; needs room to run.

  • No more than 6 hours alone a day; will need a potty and play break if longer.

  • Medium-high energy; loves to run and play.

  • Most likely housebroken.

  • Strong on leash; better with no-pull harness.

  • Friendly and outgoing.

  • Basic obedience training recommended.


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Brutus's videos:

Toytime with Brutus


Get to know Jake!

Jake is a lovable, spunky teen boy! He's going through the teenage phase, where puppies have lots of energy and like to test boundaries. He needs a dog-experienced adult family to help him grow with firm boundaries and plenty of exercise. Experience with terriers would be a plus! He is so sweet, outgoing, and affectionate that it's hard not to fall in love at first sight. He is housetrained and even knows "sit" and "paw" already! He sometimes has trouble sharing high-value items, like long-lasting chew treats, but he did wonderfully otherwise for his behavioral assessment. He loves playtime with other pups and people alike, but can pushy with them in a home. He is a sweetheart with playful and confident females who aren't afraid to tell him off if he's being rude. He also needs any doggy roommates to be well trained, as they should be good role models and his family's attention will need to be focused on his training. He loves outdoor time; long walks are great and a fenced yard would be a bonus for this bouncing pup. With the right family who is committed to training, exercise, and plenty of adventures he'll make a wonderful companion.

Key Notes:​

  • 9-month-old neutered male.

  • Unknown terrier mix.

  • 40 pounds and growing.

  • Needs an adult-only (18+) home.

  • No small homes or apartment-style homes; needs room to run and play!

  • Okay to live with a confident, friendly, and well trained female dog no smaller than him; friendly and playful with other dogs but can be pushy in a home.

  • Should not live with cats.

  • Housebroken; may have an occasional accident as he is young.

  • Food-motivated and eager to learn.

  • Medium-high energy; loves lots of playtime and adventures!

  • Guards high-value items like long-lasting chew treats.

  • Basic obedience and behavioral training recommended.


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Get to know Jena!

Lovable cuddle bug Jena has lived most of her life as a mama and is ready to be the baby of the family! Despite a hard past as a backyard breeding dog, she loves everyone she meets and is quick to crawl into your lap for cuddles. She is eager to impress her new family and very food motivated, so a quick learner! When it's not cuddle time she loves to run and play, whether by herself, with her people, or other pups. She doesn't have a history with kids but has such a lovable nature that she would likely be fine with kids 8 and up that are sturdy enough for playtime. While normally fine alone, relaxing or playing with toys, she is very anxious during thunderstorms and will need someone home to comfort her. Her new family will need to have a emergency-cuddle plan for these days!

Key Notes:​

  • 2-year-old spayed female.

  • Pit bull terrier mix.

  • 43 pounds and slightly underweight.

  • Rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas.

  • No history with children; likely good with sturdy kids 8 and up.

  • Good with other dogs.

  • Should not live with cats.

  • No more than 8 hours alone a day; will need a potty and play break for longer.

  • Anxious during thunderstorms, will need someone home to comfort her!

  • Medium energy; loves equal parts playtime and cuddle time, sometimes together!

  • Mostly housebroken.

  • Typically walks well on leash; strong when exited.

  • Food motivated.

  • Basic obedience training recommended.


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Get to know Amy!

Amy is a cuddly, playful, and mature girl looking for her new home. While a little shy at first, she is still so sweet lovable! In her previous home, she struggled with sharing with her doggy brother. The conflict was too much for the household to work with so she came to us to look for a home as an only dog. She and her kitty sibling had mutual respect, so she should do fine living with dog-savvy cats if properly introduced, but would likely prefer to just be an only pet. She thinks kids running around is stressful, and scary when they run towards her! She would do fine with teens 15 and up who know to be gentle as she warms up, and eventually fine with visiting kids who know to give her space and let her peacefully watch from a distance. She loves both playtime, especially fetch, and cuddle time on the couch. Her new family should expect to be showered in kisses when she has settled into her new home!

Key Notes:​

  • 4-year-old spayed female.

  • Unknown breed mix.

  • Around 60 pounds.

  • Surrendered to Buddy Dog due when not getting along with dog roommate.

  • No apartment-style homes.

  • Good with teens kids 15 and up; okay with visiting dog-savvy kids who know to give her space.

  • Should not live with other dogs.

  • Best as an only pet; okay with confident, dog-savvy cats.

  • No more than 8 hours alone a day; will need a potty and play break for longer.

  • Experience with dogs recommended.

  • Medium energy; loves long walks, hikes through nature, and snuggling on the couch.

  • Housebroken.


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Get to know Remi & Ruger!

Remi and Ruger are an outgoing and fun pair looking for a home together! They lived the cushy home life as spoiled pets until their family had a new baby and not enough time for them. Ruger knows to listen to his big, but shorter, sister and always lets her have first pick during meal times. Due to his generosity, he needs a little help gaining weight, but has a great appetite so it should come easy! While too energetic for small kids, they do know their basic house manners like housebreaking and crate training. They need some help learning to walk gently on the leash, mostly Ruger, but do well with a no-pull harnesses. Apartment style or small homes would make these two feel cramped, they need room to run. A fenced-in yard would be ideal for Ruger to stretch his long legs and burn his energy with playtime!

Key Notes:​

  • Looking for a home together; we will accept applications on them as singles in the event they need to be separated.

  • Remi is a 3.5-year-old spayed female.

  • Ruger is a 3-year-old neutered male

  • Remi is a basset hound.

  • Ruger is an unknown breed mix.

  • Remi is 57 pounds.

  • Ruger is 59 pounds and underweight.

  • Surrendered to our rescue partner in South Carolina when their family did not have enough time for them due to a new baby.

  • No apartment-style or small homes.

  • Good with sturdy kids 12 and up.

  • Prefers to be the only dogs in the home.

  • No more than 8 hours alone a day; will need a potty and play break for longer.

  • Medium-high energy; loves plenty of playtime followed by snuggling on the couch.

  • Housebroken and crate trained.

  • Strong on leash; better on a no-pull harness.

Remi & Ruger

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Get to know Pawley!

Handsome Pawley was found as a stray in South Carolina and never claimed, sadly a common story for many dogs there. He makes fast friends with people and pups alike and loves playtime with both! Just as important as playtime is cuddle time for this boy, especially belly rubs! He was quickly learning housebreaking and crate training in his foster home, so he may need a little patience from new family family as he learns the routine in a new place. He loves outdoor adventures and walks well on a leash; he would be a wonderful hiking buddy!

Key Notes:​

  • 1-year-old neutered male.

  • Unknown bully breed mix.

  • 58 pounds.

  • Stray from our rescue partner in South Carolina.

  • Playful with other dogs.

  • No more than 6 hours alone a day; will need a potty and play break for longer.

  • Medium energy; loves long walks, playtime, and plenty of cuddles and belly rubs!

  • Mostly housebroken and crate trained.

  • Walks well on leash.


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