Meet Buddy!

        Buddy loves to be near his people; he’ll bounce in the air in anticipation of seeing them! And he has made many doggy friends here who he loves to run with in our fenced-in pens. He is a 4 year old neutered-male mix breed from Qatar.

          During Buddy’s time here he’s become very attached to a handful of people, and always greets them with excited whimpers and much bouncing. He is still shy with new people, but with some help and patience he’s befriended many volunteers. Even with his trusted people, he’s still getting used to being handled. He can startle if people reach towards or near his head too quickly, and is very sensitive about his ears being touched. This may be due a previous ear infection he suffered in Qatar, a lack of compassionate care and touch as a former street dog, or a combination of the two.

Buddy will need a patient and quiet home experienced with nervous dogs. All new family members would need to understand and respect his boundaries, so it’s best he lives with teens and up. He has formed great relationships with some of the dogs here and would love to have a dog companion to zoom around with and to show him how to be a beloved family member.

You will quickly see that he is eager to be accepted by people and wishes to belong to someone, but needs a little encouragement and patience to help bring down his walls.

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