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Meet Coco


About Coco

The past few months have been hard on Coco; losing her family of 4 years, flying across the country, and finding herself is a busy kennel full of strange people and dogs. But, with the help of the staff, she has worked hard and is willing to put in the effort to find security, comfort, and happiness again.

Coco's story started as a pup in a Puerto Rican shelter. She was taken home by a family where they loved her and trained her. Nearly 4 years later, the family had to move and could not take her along. She was brought back to the rescue and had to start over again. Despite this big change, she settled in quick and would hang out with the staff and other dogs. It was decided that she would travel to New England find her new furever home.

While she handled going back to her first shelter fine, this was far too big a change for Coco. The shelter that took her in struggled to help her feel at home; she barked at everyone she saw and was snippy with the other dogs; poor Coco's stress never seemed to end. The shelter realized they were not able to provide her with the environment needed and looked to find another rescue to take her in. In October of 2020 Coco found herself at a new rescue in Massachusetts; here at Buddy Dog! The situation was similar in Coco's eyes; another new place with new people and new pups. There was a lot of work needed to be done before Coco could finally feel at home.

A lot of time was spent getting to know Coco. She loves walks, and once you got away from the barking of the shelter she seemed to settle down and thoroughly enjoy sniffing the trails. She could take or leave pets, but the whole world stops for her when she gets a good back scratch! When presented with a tasty treat or her food bowl, she was eager to show off her "sit" and "paw" when asked. She seemed possessive of her toys, but it turns out she was protecting them like babies and needed to trust you before you could touch them.

Now that we've gotten to know her, and of course fallen in love, it was time to work on her big setback; reactivity towards other dogs. A lot of people confuse reactivity with aggression. Due to stress, Coco would bark, snarl, and snap at other dogs through the fence or on leash. We carefully introduced her to a very dog savvy dog and her behavior shocked us! She was immediately playful with a  calm and friendly male dog. She would bounce all around him, and at one point off him! Sadly for her, he was not as interested in her hyper playstyle. Now knowing that Coco wants to play, it was time to find Coco a friend! She met with playful dogs, hyper dogs, sensitive dogs, and finally she met Chico, a large goofy adolescent male very willing to let Coco lead the play!

While Coco still cannot live with another pup, she shows a lot of promise. If her new family continues her socialization and pursues behavioral training she might love a doggy friend to keep her busy, but in the meantime she is looking for an adult only home as an only pet to keep her busy, in mind and body.

Coco is a 4 year old spayed female of unknown breed mix and weights 42lbs.

Why a Diamond?

Coco is an intelligent, driven, and mature lady who is eager for adventure and playtime,

but she cannot handle stress well and needs help learning how to settle down around other animals.

How to Adopt


We are unfortunately unable to accept walk-in visitors at the shelter during this time.

If interested in adopting an animal, please visit our home page for our new Covid-19 adoption process.

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We ask all prospective adopters to fill out an online application, which can be found hereIf the animal becomes available and your application has been approved to move onto the next step, a staff member will schedule a zoom meeting prior to scheduling a meet-and-greet with the animal. Please by patient as we receive many applications daily. If you have any questions, feel free to email or leave a voicemail at 978-443-6990.


The ideal home described below is based on the knowledge of Buddy Dog’s staff. This list reflects what Buddy Dog staff and believe will be necessary for the pups to succeed and be happy in an adoptive home.


Adopter Requirements

  • Experience with dogs needed.

  • No apartments, multi-family homes, or cities.

  • No kids; needs adult only home.

  • Cannot live with cats.

  • Cannot live with other dogs; may be able to in future with training.


  • Energy: medium-high; eager to play and learn.

  • Very dog selective; can befriend very tolerant and more submissive dogs.

  • Intelligent and eager to learn; food motivated.

  • Strong on leash but good with no-pull harness.

  • No electric/invisible fences.

  • Behavioral training for reactivity recommended.

  • No more than 8 hours alone a day; will need a potty and play break.

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If you are interested in learning more about Coco; contact a staff member by emailing or leaving a voicemail at 978-443-6990. Appointments to meet the animals will be scheduled by staff once an animal is available and your application is approved. Please by patient as we receive many applications daily. Online applications can be found here.

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