Diamonds in the Ruff

Finding loving homes for our overlooked dogs and cats 


This page features dogs and cats available for adoption at Buddy Dog Humane Society who - for a variety of reasons - have been waiting a little longer than most to find their forever family. Click on each photo to learn more about our Diamonds in the Ruff, and what their unique needs are. 

Buddy Dog staff are always willing to speak with potential adopters about how best to provide for an individual pets behavioral and/or medical needs in a home setting! Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We also recommend speaking with your veterinarian or a trainer (we can provide recommendations if you need them!) about what kind of help a new pet would potentially need. 

Nacho & Candy
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Adopted Diamonds

Arrived June 4, 2015
Adopted September 23, 2020

Being a grouchy and antisocial kitty didn't help Blueberry's chances of finding a family, and having diabetes on top of that made us all believe she'd be a permenant resident here. During the covid-19 shutdown, Blueberry went into foster care and her family fell in love with her and decided to keep her! She is now spoiled rotten with her new animal roommates and even enjoys vacations to the cape with her family!
Arrived June 22, 2017
Adopted July 29, 2019

Brownie had a long wait before he was adopted due to his epilepsy and feisty behavior. His new family is smitten with him and adopted him with a new sister as well! He is living the life of luxury!
Arrived May 6, 2018
Adopted December 20, 2018

This beautiful girl was stressed in this hectic environment, a sad case for many kitties. She would lash out at others due to this, but eventually sometime took a chance of her and she has turned into a giant lovebug in her new home!
Arrived August 10, 2018
Adopted January 29, 2019

Despite her gorgeous coat, this shy senior lady received very little attention. Someone finally gave her a chance and now she's soaking up all the love.
Arrived September 26, 2018
Adopted December 28, 2019

With looks like these, Denali had a LOT of attention. Sadly, she had severe separation anxiety. Someone had decided they were going to change their whole schedule for her, and luckily Denali was smitten with their dog! She is now living happily and peacefully in her home with her favorite brother to keep her company.
Arrived January 9, 2019
Adopted November 3, 2019

Timothy was as bold and feisty as they come! Always ready to go at it with a dog and harass the humans. While he loved kitty company, he was FIV+ and had limited interaction. Someone who's had a cat similar to him decided she could welcome him into her home. With all the chaos of shelter life behind, Timothy turned into the sweet and fun kitty he is today.
Arrived February 21, 2019
Adopted October 18, 2019

Poor Simon had some bad luck as a shy black cat. He was easy to miss when hiding in his dark corners, but someone who saw him was determined to win him over. Simon is now happily relaxing in his new home.
Arrived February 26, 2019
Adopted May 8, 2019

Nochka was a particularly timid girl with very little socialization. She loved other dogs, but feared people. A family came around who was determined to earn her trust. After a few meet and greets, Nochka was beginning to warm up and on her way to her new home!
Arrived March 2, 2019
Adopted September 5, 2019

This big sassy lady was quite grumpy about her change of life, but overtime began to warm up to humans in her space. Someone gave her a chance and she is grateful every day!
Arrived March 8, 2019
Adopted December 22, 2019

Being a purebred Great Pyrenees, Lucas was as stubborn as he is fluffy. He went to a few homes of people sure they could handle him only to return for the exact behavior expected of this guarding breed. His new family arranged training immediately upon adoption and continues to work with him every day.
Arrived May 20, 2019
Adopted December 8, 2019

Sassy and bold Frankie like to switch between his "love me pet me!" mode to "back off" on a dime. He, like many felines before him, was frustrated being around so many other animals. Someone finally fell in love with his bold nature and he is now living the good life in his new home.
Arrived June 10, 2019
Adopted November 3, 2019

Acacia had a rough start to her life which caused her to not trust other animals. She's a puddle of love with humans, but thought every critter was out to get her. Finally, someone saw this golden girl and knew she was the one. She's now happily lazing around her quiet home.
Leona Vada
Arrived June 15, 2019
Adopted December 24, 2019

Little Leona was a sassy girl from the start, but shelter life stressed her out. It was hard to see her affectionate side when she was always arguing with her neighbor kitties. Someone came around who knew they had the right home for this petite girl, and she's been living happily ever after.
Arrived July 2, 2019
Adopted August 9, 2019

Coco, or "Little Coco Monster" as he was affectionately known, had some major small dog attitude. Not towards other animals, just people. Someone finally came around who was preapred for this little curly boys mood swings. He's been being spoiled rotten ever since.
Arrived July 13, 2019
Adopted December 22, 2019

Snoop had a hard life being bounced around from one home to the next. He developed food aggression and was bothered by many of the louder dogs. Luckily someone saw him for who he really was; a giant puddle of sweetness. His new family has worked hard to make Snoop secure and happy in his new home.
Arrived July 26, 2019
Adopted December 11, 2019

Duke, the honorary police dog! Duke applied for the position of office dog at a local police station, and if not for a couple allergies he would've gotten the job for sure. One of the employees there couldn't imagine her life without this bundle of joy, and convinced her family to take him in permanently!
Arrived September 17, 2019
Adopted November 17, 2019

Simona was a goofy playful girl, but very wary of humans. One day someone came to meet a different dog, but when seeing Simona fell in love. Her current dog met her and was just the right amount of gentle yet persistent to win her over. With her new brothers guidance, Simona has flourished in her new home!
Arrived September 22, 2019
Adopted February 29, 2020

Rio had a lot of baggage for such a small dog. His family suffered severe injuries in an accident and tried everything they could to keep him, but in the end the best thing for everyone was to go their separate ways. After so much back and fourth he began to develop behavioral issues and severe anxiety. A professional animal rescuer took him in to foster, but fell in love and made him a permanent member of the family!
Arrived September 24, 2019
Adopted November 29, 2019

This big knuclehead loved to play, but the stress of the shelter frustrated him and more and more he began to become pushier and feistier with people. Someone fell in love with his goofy personality, and committed to riding out his stressful transition period.
Arrived November 21, 2019
Adopted March 3, 2020

Bolt was a fun loving and goofy boy, but very wary of strangers approaching his kennel. Met outside, he was simply a sweet and shy dog. A family came in to meet him regular and saw him begin to grow fonder and fonder of them each time. They finally inviting Bolt into their home and, with some guidance, he flourished!
Arrived October 22, 2019
Adopted November 6, 2020
Arrived September 13, 2020
Adopted December 30, 2020

Benny was first adopted as a shy and scared puppy, and while he was very loved in his first family he wasn't properly socialized. He grew to learn to distrust strangers and thought he needed to guard his family from them. He was adopted into a quiet and patient home who quickly won him over and were eager to continue his socialization.
Arrived September 14, 2020
Adopted October 15, 2020

Hannah and her siblings were all found as little pups in Puerto Rico during the beginning of the pandemic. Unable to travel to find their furever homes, they spent 5 months with their foster mom. While they were very loved, they were all very under socialized with people. Hannah was the only siblings confident enough to be an only pup, and found herself a new mama eager to win this girl over and help her conquer her fears!
Heidi & Holly
Arrived September 14, 2020
Adopted November 1, 2020
Heidi, Holly, and their siblings were all found as little pups in Puerto Rico during the beginning of the pandemic. Unable to travel to find their furever homes, they spent 5 months with their foster mom. While they were very loved, they were all very under socialized with people. Holly was so sweet and affectionate with her siblings, and Heidi looked to them for comfort and security. These two got to go home together with a loving family.
Arrived October 2020
Adopted February 9, 2021
Coco was an intelligent and loving mature lady, but struggled with handling the stress of the kennel and wasn't always interested in meeting new friends. She finally found her family who she opened up to right away and stole their hearts!
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Arrived August 10, 2018 Adopted January 29, 2019 Despite her gorgeous coat, this shy senior lady received very little attention. Someone finally gave her a chance and now she's soaking up all the love.