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Meet Donnie

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Why a Diamond?

Donnie's talents include bird watching, hiding in kitty beds, and asking not to be touched. This handsome window ornament's last talent and easily managed FIV+ diagnosis is why he is a Diamond in the Ruff.






















(easily managed)


His Beginning

In the basement of an apartment building, a construction worker found a scared black cat. Assuming he was simply one of the tenants cats, he left him for now. As his construction work continued there and the cat was still in the basement he decided to trap the cat and bring him to us at Buddy Dog where he was named "Donnie."

Get to Know the Diamond

Confused and afraid after arriving at Buddy Dog, Donnie immediately took to hiding in his covered cat bed. We rarely saw him outside of it initially, but his litter box was used and food was eaten. When it was clear he was not making progress with his social skills, we knew we needed to try a new approach. He got upgraded to a large and tall multi-cat pen by himself, with room to explore and a window to watch birds from. He still opted to hide in his kitty bed when stressed, but we began to see him outside more—watching birds from the window perch, resting in the kitty tower, and eagerly eating his wet food. We introduced him to some other respectful kitties and he seemed to enjoy their company along with watching them happily accept pets and love from humans.

Over time he has learned that humans aren't as scary as he thought, but he still thinks we're pretty scary. With the right amount of patience and persistence, he has allowed pets and gentle head scratches. We'd be giving ourselves too much credit if we said he enjoyed it, but we can at least say he didn't hate it, which is great progress! It would be best for him to have his kitty carrier always available to hide and sleep in so that he's more willing to go in when travel is necessary. His vet exam did go smoother than expected, but he will need something to "take the edge off" and ideally a vet to visit him at home, although with the right preparation he should manage visits to the vet office.

Donnie's needs in a home are strict but simple. He'd like a quiet home with only adults so that he doesn't need to feel on edge. A sunny window with a comfy bed along with a few hide-away beds around his home with help him feel safe and relaxed. Another friendly, respectful kitty to show him to ropes so that he doesn't need to be confused for as long would be nice but isn't as necessary. And most importantly, an experienced and patient family who understands how to love a cat that may never be able to fully show his love.

Basic Information

Age: Approximately 6 years old

Sex: Male (neutered)

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Weight: 10.5lbs

Adoption Requirements

  • Experience with cats needed.

  • Adult-only home.

  • Strictly indoor-only.

  • Quiet home with few visitors.

  • No pushy or rude cats (respectful cats are okay).

  • Understanding that he will take time to settle in and allow touch, and may never seek attention.

  • Strict annual vet checks, as he is FIV+. As an indoor cat, he should still live a happy and full life.


How to Adopt

We are unfortunately unable to accept walk-in visitors at the shelter during this time.

If interested in adopting an animal, please visit our home page for our new Covid-19 adoption process.

For any questions, please email info@buddydoghs.org

We ask all prospective adopters to fill out an online application, which can be found hereIf the animal becomes available and your application has been approved to move onto the next step, a staff member will schedule a remote interview prior to scheduling a meet-and-greet with the eligible animals.

Please by patient as we receive many applications daily. If you have any questions, feel free to email info@buddydoghs.org or leave a voicemail at 978-443-6990.


The ideal home described above is based on the knowledge of Buddy Dog’s staff. This list reflects what Buddy Dog staff believe will be necessary for the animals to succeed and be happy in an adoptive home.

Spoil Donnie

Can't adopt but still want to spoil Donnie?

Below is his personal wishlist!

  • Hide-away beds for large cats

  • Tasty wet food (he likes all kinds)

  • Yummy treats for snacking on

Our general wishlist can be found here. All donations can be brought to the shelter during our business hours or mailed to us at 151 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA 01776.


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Donnie Pets!

Donnie Pets!

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Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about Donnie contact a staff member by emailing info@buddydoghs.org or leaving a voicemail at 978-443-6990. Appointments to meet the animals will be scheduled by staff once an animal is available and your application is approved. Please be patient as we receive many applications daily. Online applications can be found here.