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Meet Leona Vada


About Leona

Meet Leona Vada!

A stray kitten was found on the streets of New York. Her bold and proud personality was clear to see, even at this young age and in her vulnerable condition. After picking her up, they held a naming contest online to find a fitting name for this little queen. "Leona for those times when she appears to be channeling Leona Helmsley and Vada for when she crawls into your lap and graciously allows you to pet her while she purrs. For five minutes. No more. She is a character, this one." She is often just called "Leona" for short.

She was brought to the us mid June of 2019 at approximately 10 months old. When you meet her at the shelter, she may seem more stand offish than normal. This is only because she can become very frustrated with her kitty neighbors. When she has spent time in another quiet room away from the other felines she has been a complete love! Very easy to give medications when needed and eagerly accepting love and pets! She will still need a family with older kids that will listen clearly when she says "I'm done, give me space!"

She is still showing us more and more of her true self everyday. For a cat looking to be an only pet, shelter life can be stressful and it can be hard get a guess exactly how they'll be once they find their home. Once out, her new family will have the privilege of discovering all the new sides of her; her favorite toys, preferred sleeping spots, whether or not she's a cuddler! So she'll need a family prepared to adapt as they get to know her, and she finally gets to know herself.

Leona Vada is 1 year old, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.

How to Adopt


We ask all prospective adopters to speak with a staff member and meet Leona in person at our facility prior to filling out an application. Visitors are welcome to our shelter any time during business hours, no appointment needed. You can find our location and hours here. Applications are available to be filled out in person at our front desk. Our general adoption policies can be found on our page here


The ideal home described below is based on the knowledge of Buddy Dog’s staff. This list reflects what Buddy Dog staff and believe will be necessary for Leona to succeed and be happy in an adoptive home.


Adopter Requirements


  • Leona must be strictly indoor-only.

  • Older cat-savvy kids and up in her home.

  • No other cats or dogs in the home.

  • Ability to confine her to one room or area while she settles in (having access to the entire house immediately will be overwhelming and potentially dangerous if she hides in precarious spots or out of sight of her family).

  • Comfortable with her bold and proud nature.

  • Yearly check-ups at the vet.



  • Being in a kennel setting, we are unable to properly predict how Leona will behave after she settles into a home (friendliness, energy level, etc), so her new family will need to be willing to commit as her personality develops as she becomes comfortable

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Contact Us


If you are interested in learning more about Leona; contact a staff member by emailing or leaving a voicemail at 978-443-6990. Visitors are welcome at our facility any time during business hours, no appointment needed. 

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