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Meet Nochka


About Nochka

Meet Nochka!

From a small puppy to the teenager she is now, Nochka, along with her littermates, has spent her time in a large Russian shelter with few volunteers. This start to her life has left her, quite literally, sheltered. She arrived at Buddy Dog at a year old. Obviously shaken by this huge change of life, she relied heavily on her more confident sister for comfort and security. Given time, patience, and just the right amount of persistence, Nochka began to come out of her shell and really show us who she is.

Absolutely still a puppy, she loves to run and play with her dog friends, and she has many! Although, she can become overwhelmed with pushy or grumpy dogs. She greets all her friends with excited puppy kisses and wiggles! She prefers games of chase and is quite the natural athlete and acrobat. She would thrive in a home with a gentle and confident dog friend to show her the ropes.


Over time we’ve also come to realize how intelligent she is, which, as many experienced dog owners know, can be both a blessing and a curse. Nochka picked up on the routines here quickly, which made handling her while she was new much easier. Often mischief comes with smarts, and intelligent does not mean wise. Many smart dogs find themselves in silly predicaments or even finding creative and sneaky ways to misbehave. Her new family should be prepared for both potential antics, and of course the fun of keeping such a smart girl entertained.


Lastly, we’ll talk about what you’ll probably see first; her nervousness. She is clearly a very anxious dog, needing plenty of guidance and patience. As you’ve read, she’s made great progress here at Buddy Dog and has bonded with quite of few of her handlers already. A fully fenced it yard would help give her some safe freedom, but the fence would need to be both tall and not climbable like chain link. She would thrive in the calm routine of an adult only home who has had experience with nervous, athletic, and intelligent dogs.

Nochka is just about a year old and 39lbs. 

How to Adopt


We ask all prospective adopters to speak with a staff member and meet Nochka in person at our facility prior to filling out an application. Visitors are welcome to our shelter any time during business hours, no appointment needed. You can find our location and hours here. Applications are available to be filled out in person at our front desk. Our general adoption policies can be found on our page here


The ideal home described below is based on the knowledge of Buddy Dog’s staff. This list reflects what Buddy Dog staff and believe will be necessary for Nochka to succeed and be happy in an adoptive home.


Adopter Requirements


  • Adult-only home, no children under 15 living in the home (or frequently visiting)

  • Experience with anxious/timid dogs

  • Ability to meet high exercise demands daily (such as through canine sports, dog playgroups, opportunities to run off-leash in enclosed areas, or hiking)

  • Ability to accommodate or work with Nochka's fear of strangers

  • Willingness to seek guidance of a professional trainer or behaviorist


  • At this time, Nochka is not a candidate for dog walkers unless they are experienced trainers; dog daycares should be aware of Nochka's sensitivities and fears 

  • Nochka loves to play with other dogs, and should continue to have opportunities to socialize and play with other dogs. She can be overwhelmed by rough or dominant dogs.

  • Nochka has not been tested with cats. As a herding-breed mix, she may be a poor match for a household with cats. 

  • Nochka has never lived in a home before, and will need an adopter with the patience and time to housebreak her and expose her to the unfamiliar smells, noises, and sights of a house

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Contact Us


If you are interested in learning more about Nochka; contact a staff member by emailing or leaving a voicemail at 978-443-6990. Visitors are welcome at our facility any time during business hours, no appointment needed. 

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