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Meet Rocky


About Rocky

Meet Rocky!

Rocky has many loves; squeaky toys, car rides, leisurely walks, yummy treats, and hanging out with people. While this little boy has been popular, he has some unique needs, medical and behavioral, that don't allow him to fit into just any family. Rocky is diabetic and has become blind as a result. With insulin injections and some accommodations at home, he will continue to be a happy and healthy dog. Unfortunately Rocky cannot live with other animals. The bigger the animal, the tougher he thinks he has to act, but he also does not do well with small animals. There is a right home out there somewhere for this fun little guy; read on to see if yours might be that home.

Lucky for Rocky's new family, he's not trypanophobic (fear of needles)! This brave dog has never batted an eye at his twice a day insulin injections. At least one of his new family members will need to be comfortable with administering them (a Buddy Dog staff member will help train you). Some side effects from his diabetes include his blindness and being unable to hold his bladder for long. He doesn't like to be alone anyway, but will especially need someone home often for regular potty breaks. Daily insulin, a balanced diet low on treats, and adequate exercise will help keep Rocky happy and healthy. Given the cost of insulin, Rocky's family will need to be confident they can continuously afford his insulin medications along with the regular checkups.

Rocky has had a lot of change in his life in recent months. He lost his home due to his family's medical problems, lived in communal dog living at the shelter, got to live in a cozy foster home during the "stay at home" order, went back to the communal dog living, and has recently and suddenly become blind. He is adapting to this new life as quickly as he can. As he adjusts to his loss of sight, he sometimes walks off tripping over steps or running into gates. Fetch has become more difficult, but that just adds a fun new search element to the game! He will need some guidance as he navigates this new obstacle (literally and figuratively). He loves squeaky toys and responds quickly to them, and will need you to gently lead him on a leash. With some patience and help from his family, he'll get a hang of this quickly.

The fact that Rocky needs to be an only pet is one more hurdle in finding a forever home. When it comes to other animals, he is a little dog with a big attitude. Any dog bigger than this little less-than-20-pounds guy gets the "tough guy act." Even critters his size or smaller are not looked upon fondly. He needs a home away from other animals. He cannot live in an apartment style home as it is both too hectic and too risky that he would run into another dog. He also barks when left alone, which neighbors may not appreciate. If his new family was interested, he would benefit from a training classes specifically for reactive dogs to help him feel more at ease when passing by other dogs.

Rocky is not a fan of sharing his food, especially high value treats. He cannot live with children under 15 years old. His ideal home would be one or two adults in a quiet home away from any hustle and bustle. Leisurely walks and some toy time is all the exercise he asks for, with lots of comfy couch time with the family in between.

Rocky is a 7.5 year old Boston Terrier is weighs about 20 lbs.

Why a Diamond?

While Rocky is a lovable little guy who keeps us smiling and laughing,

his diabetes, blindness, and reactivity to other animals make him a Diamond in the Ruff.

How to Adopt


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The ideal home described below is based on the knowledge of Buddy Dog’s staff. This list reflects what Buddy Dog staff believe will be necessary for Rocky to succeed and be happy in an adoptive home.


Adopter Requirements

  • Rocky needs a home where a family member is present most of the day. He cannot be alone longer than 3 hours due to both his separation anxiety and trouble holding his bladder as a result of his diabetes.

  • Rocky's new family will need to be comfortable with him being blind and able to accommodate for this.

  • Rocky's new family will need to be able to give him two insulin injections a day to manage his diabetes.

  • Insulin is not cheap and he will have more medical expenses than the average dog. Rocky's need family will need to be confident they can afford to care for him.

  • Rocky needs a home with no children younger than 15 years old. 

  • Rocky cannot live with other animals.

  • Rocky cannot live in an apartment style home.


  • Rocky becomes frustrated being around other dogs (he can hear them very easily), so his family should plan his walks away from common areas.

  • Rocky would do well with a trainer specializing in reactivity to learn to be near other dogs.

  • While blind, rocky still enjoys fetch; noisy toys are especially easy and entertaining for him!

Photos & Videos


Posing for the squeaky toy!


Waiting for me to throw the ball

Posing for the squeaky toy!

Enjoying the sun!

Rocky blep!

Posing for the squeaky toy!

Always so photogenic!

Always so photogenic!

Dress up time!

and rolling!

Rocky loves care rides!

Gettin' ready to roll...

Rocky loves care rides!

Dress up time!

Dress up time!

Dress up time!

Dress up time!

Dress up time!

Snoozing in comfort


What a view!

All snuggled up

So comfy!

So cozy!

Comfy Rocky

Rocky meets his mini-me!

Rocky is very persuasive

Rocky with his foster mom


Rocky with his foster mom


Rocky with his foster mom


Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about Rocky; contact a staff member by emailing or leaving a voicemail at 978-443-6990. Visitors are welcome at our facility any time during business hours, no appointment needed. 

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