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Meet Simon


About Simon

Meet Simon! He's about 2 years old and makes a great companion to other cats. He was found in a box on the streets of NYC with 3 other cats in the middle of the winter. Understandably traumatized, it took this poor guy a while to not be terrified of everything. Through it all, he never once struck out. He is one of the most gentle cats we have ever met! He is still quite shy and definitely needs a quiet home, but he no longer hides in his kennel. He loves to lounge in the window spot and is a great roommate to the other cats in his pen - so gentle and kind. We even caught him playing with one the other day!

He arrived at Buddy Dog in February with the two other cats found in the box with him - Alvin and Brian. While they have since had their lucky days and found their forever home, Simon still waits to be adopted. It's not easy for a black cat to be noticed in the crowded world of stray and homeless kitties, especially one who is shy. Over the months Simon has been in our care, we have come to see the true personality behind his shyness, and we know that if an adopter has the time and patience to give him, they too will see what a wonderful and innocent guy Simon really is. 

Simon had a brief vacation with a staff member recently while recovering from a mild infection. For the hour long care ride, he was quiet as a mouse! Indeed, he hid in a cubby in the cat tree the first couple days and would run and hide when his caretaker would enter the room. But it only took a few days, including feeding yummy canned food and letting Simon sniff his person's hand at his own pace (he's not ready to be touched right away), he would no longer run and hide. Even more remarkable - on the first night, he was caught on the baby camera zipping around the room having a blast chasing the cat toys and leaping into boxes. It was such a pleasure to see Simon having fun and let his guard down. 

Simon needs a cat-savvy home where the people are very patient and willing to give him all the time he needs to settle in and relax. We would love Simon to be adopted with another friendly cat, or to go to a home where there is already another cat or two. 

How to Adopt


We ask all prospective adopters to speak with a staff member and meet Simon in person at our facility prior to filling out an application. Visitors are welcome to our shelter any time during business hours, no appointment needed. You can find our location and hours here. Applications are available to be filled out in person at our front desk. Our general adoption policies can be found on our page here


The ideal home described below is based on the knowledge of Buddy Dog’s staff. This list reflects what Buddy Dog staff and believe will be necessary for Simon to succeed and be happy in an adoptive home.


Adopter Requirements


  • Simon must be strictly indoor-only

  • Quiet home; young kids with frequent playmates or households with many visitors and high activity are not recommended 

  • Experience with owning a cat; experience with timid or shy cats preferred

  • A home with another cat is strongly preferred

  • Yearly check-ups at the vet

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Contact Us


If you are interested in learning more about Simon; contact a staff member by emailing or leaving a voicemail at 978-443-6990. Visitors are welcome at our facility any time during business hours, no appointment needed. 

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