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Meet Simona


About Simona

Simona's story began as a little baby, left outside a Russian animal shelter in a box with her litter mates. There she grew up alongside many other dogs, and to this day craves their companionship. Sadly, her socialization with humans was lacking. She arrived at Buddy Dog Humane Society 9 months old and very fearful of strangers. From her perspective, this big change of life was nothing but terrifying, she had no idea these humans she thought she had to protect herself from brought her to find her forever family!

Even with her nervousness, she began to warm up quickly to the staff. After a few weeks, she had become the affectionate and goofy pup she truly is! She still is easily scared by quick movements, so will need a quiet family experienced with fearful dogs. Ideally she'd only live with adults, but could be fine with dog-savvy older teens. Nothing can get her to come out of her shell better than a doggy friend!

She's befriended many dogs during her time here, and we've been able to get a good idea of what she likes in her four legged pals. She's a goofy player, and has done well with large multi-dog playgroups, but can become scared or overwhelmed by rough or pushy dogs. She's met a few smaller dogs as well, but is a little too bouncy of a player for them. With her favorite friends, she still acts like the puppy she is! She runs up to them, full body wiggles, and smothers them in puppy kisses! She would do best in a home with a confident and friendly doggy roommate. This would give her the opportunity to follow the other dogs lead to help her learn house manners.

She has not had any experience living in a home before, and her new family will need to be prepared to help her adjust. Sounds and noises we don't give a second thought might scare her, like the microwave beeping or the TV. She is still working on housebreaking, and has been making progress keeping her kennel clean. Crate training would be ideal for her, as it'll help her learn to hold her bladder until she can be taken outside, and give her a quiet "safe space" to relax and decompress in.

While Simona may be a bit of a project, she will be an amazing companion to a family with a social dog. She'd do best in a single family home with a fenced in yard where she can safely run and play to her hearts content. She's a sweet and gorgeous young girl with a lot to learn, and a lot to give to the right family.

Simona is an 11 month old spayed mixed breed and 53lbs.

How to Adopt


We ask all prospective adopters to speak with a staff member and meet Simona in person at our facility prior to filling out an application. Visitors are welcome to our shelter any time during business hours, no appointment needed. You can find our location and hours here. Applications are available to be filled out in person at our front desk. Our general adoption policies can be found on our page here


The ideal home described below is based on the knowledge of Buddy Dog’s staff. This list reflects what Buddy Dog staff and believe will be necessary for Simona to succeed and be happy in an adoptive home.


Adopter Requirements


  • No children under 15 living in the home (or frequently visiting)

  • Must live in a single family home (noises from neighbors would be stressful)

  • Experience with anxious/fearful dogs

  • Ability to accommodate or work with Simona's fear of strangers

  • Willingness to seek guidance of a professional trainer or behaviorist


  • At this time, Simona is not a candidate for dog walkers unless they are experienced trainers

  • Dog daycares should be aware of Simona's sensitivities and fears.

  • Simona would do best with another friendly, confident dog in the home for her to learn from.

  • Simona should continue to have opportunities to socialize and play with other dogs. She can be overwhelmed by rough or dominant dogs, so dog parks would be too much for her.

  • Simona showed some fear aggression when she very first arrived, and her adopters will need to be comfortable with that.

  • She was well behaved for our vet, but may need to be muzzled for future vet visits.

  • Simona has never lived in a home before, and will need an adopter with the patience and time to housebreak her and expose her to the unfamiliar smells, noises, and sights of a house.

Photos & Videos


photo credit: Jane Peters; bit.ly/petersphoto


photo credit: Jane Peters; bit.ly/petersphoto


photo credit: Jane Peters; bit.ly/petersphoto


Lucky Dogs Day Care donated their time and gave her a bath!


Lucky Dogs Day Care donated their time and gave her a bath!


Lucky Dogs Day Care donated their time and gave her a bath!


Simona & Lord


Simona & Kona


Simona & Kona


Simona & Kona


Simona & Kona


Simona & Kona


Simona & Kona


Simona, Lord & Kona


Simona, Lord & Tracker


Simona and her siblings in Russia

Contact Us


If you are interested in learning more about Simona; contact a staff member by emailing info@buddydoghs.org or leaving a voicemail at 978-443-6990. Visitors are welcome at our facility any time during business hours, no appointment needed.