Tonky's Story

July 18, 2019

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Tonky's fundraiser. She successfully underwent surgery to correct a painful luxating patella (dislocating knee) on July 1. She has since recovered beautifully and her sutures were recently removed. She feels fantastic and we at Buddy Dog (and Tonky) were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. After struggling to survive on the streets of Puerto Rico, Tonky is living the beautiful and loving life she deserves, free of pain. Thank you sincerely!


June 9, 2019

THANK YOU so much for everyone's contributions and well wishes for our sweet Tonky. We reached out for your help, and we were overwhelmed by the support for this beautiful girl. In total, you have helped raise over $2,500 towards her knee surgery! We are all so grateful to everyone who has had a part in giving Tonky the comfortable and happy life she deserves, from her rescuers in Puerto Rico to friends of Buddy Dog who are rooting for her!

June 4, 2019

Tonky, a very sweet and gentle girl from Puerto Rico, needs your help. Tonky had a difficult lonely life on the streets of Puerto Rico where she lived as a stray and mothered litter after litter. Tonky and her only friend, a grizzled old shepherd, were fed daily by a kindhearted woman who slowly earned their trust after many months. Eventually, they were rescued and brought to the island shelter. Arriving at Buddy Dog in May, Tonky finally has her chance at a warm and loving forever home. But sadly Tonky’s fight for a happiness and a home isn’t over. After her vet exam, it was found that Tonky has a grade 3-4 luxating patella (knee cap). It continually dislocates and causes her to limp. Although she enjoys playing with the other dogs, it is clear that she is uncomfortable. Tonky will need surgery to correct her knee so she can live comfortably and happily. She has had her orthopedic consult and is now awaiting the surgery. The estimate on the operation alone is over $2500, but that does not include post-op care. Fortunately, the surgery itself is usually very successful. We are hopeful that 6-8 weeks post-op Tonky should be using her leg and once again joining in doggy games! Please help us help this very deserving girl.

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